WHM & cPanel Hosting

cPanel is a widely-used web hosting control panel. Based on the Linux operating system, it boasts of powerful features that yield a lot of benefits to its end users like web hosting clients and system administrators.

More than 20 years since its release in 1996, cPanel remains very popular. This can be credited to its inherent advantages such as being user-friendly and features-rich. Indeed, a person doesn’t need to be tech-savvy in order to manage websites or servers using cPanel.

These characteristics of cPanel bring five distinct benefits to end users such as:

Ease of Use

Users can manage complex tasks with just a few clicks. These tasks can range from site maintenance, calculating disk space, searching for web directories, to making regular backups. Because cPanel is very easy to use, hosting providers, small and medium firms will be able to save on labor expenses as they don’t need to hire expert system administrators. They can also minimize system administrator workload. Upstart website owners, on the other hand, can focus their energy to running their enterprises instead of minding their daily website operations.

Quick Environment Deployment

With just a couple of clicks, users can deploy a fresh WordPress, AbanteCart, or Plesk installation from which to build their websites, providing ease of use and no wasted time.

Acces to Multiple Features

As mentioned earlier, cPanel is rich in features, offering automated remote backups, MySQL, AutoSSL, and a suite of security features. These features and functions allow users to manage their websites and hosting accounts with relative ease.


Another advantage of using cPanel is that it is compatible with different browsers. From Chrome to Safari to Internet Explorer, users will be able to run cPanel without any problem. Moreover, cPanel can support third party software add-ons that can help users in building dynamic and robust websites. These add-ons or app can range from blogs, bulletin boards, and guest books. The use of these apps will benefit website owners and firms as they can improve the functionalities of their respective sites.


cPanel is very portable with a straightforward movability feature. This means that the user will be able to transfer website from a hosting company to another without encountering any technical problem.


Finally, cPanel can detect a failed service, and once it does, it automatically logs out and restarts the service. Its new version also includes DNS Clustering system that provides for a more robust and hassle-free performance.


The Environment of Choice for WordPress

cPanel based web hosting is the number one choice for WordPress based websites. With automated backups, anti-spam protection, and built-in threat protection, our cPanel services include the essentials to keep your WordPress based website running without having to pay for additional plugins or features.


What Makes Beacon’s Hosting Different

We provide a wide array of features which are all-inclusive with our cPanel Hosting Services. While many hosting providers charge extra for various needs such as automated backups, SSL Certificates, additional storage capacity, and security features, we choose to provide the services that help make your website management easier without any hidden costs, add-on packages, or additional fees.

By providing these features from the start, we intend to make your experience more convenient and hassle-free and cost effective.

AutoSSL is the solution to one of the biggest pain points that exists for every website developer & user: SSL Certificate installation and renewal. With AutoSSL, that pain goes away. There are no more forms to fill out, no more certificates to manually copy into place, resellers to shop, or information to look up. With our cPanel hosting services, your websites are automatically secured with a domain validated SSL Certificate. Perhaps more exciting is the fact that your coverage will never lapse, because at expiration time, a new SSL Certificate is requested and automatically installed.


We provide automated retention of the previous two days in conjunction to monthly backups of two months, providing you with assurance and piece of mind in the occasion something may go wrong. Account and website restorations are seamless with our dedicated web hosting team carrying out the process on your behalf.


With the growth of websites having increased over the previous two decades, so too has the amount of content they provide to visitors & owners alike. We hold no threshold on the amount of content our clients & customers can store on their hosted accounts, giving you the capacity to create, host, and share your content with no fear of having to remove and delete pages, pictures, videos, or stress over storage limitations.


An email address is one of the first things your customers and visitors notice when communicating with you. Our website hosting services include five unique email addresses with your domain name attached, giving you a professional appeal and the ability to ditch the ‘@gmail.com’ account.

Additional email accounts are available for larger organizations and businesses.


Regardless of the amount of visitors and traffic your website may encounter, you can create, host, and share comfortably knowing we’ll never cap or throttle your videos, pictures, and content. By following this approach, we provide the ability for our customers and clients to maintain peace of mind in maintaining their presence with no fear of their visitors being turned away due to arbitrary limitations.

Load times are crucial when hosting a website for individuals and businesses. We provide the most current hardware and infrastructure to house your website and content, offering you the capability to cut down on load times and provide your visitors with a responsive experience.

Our hosting service features solid state drives for maximum read and write speeds, current generation Intel processors, the latest and most current MySQL environment, regularly updated hosting environment software, and superior network connectivity with multiple redundant failovers.

If you’re unhappy or dissatisfied with your current hosting provider, we will assist you and your team in the process of migrating your website and content to our hosting services.

Whether it be a WordPress account or an HTML based website, we can aid in the process or handle it entirely on your behalf, providing an effortless move and switch.

Quality assurance and testing prior to pointing to your new hosting environment is always recommended and we will guide you through the steps to do so, ensuring the migration is carried out successfully and your downtime is virtually nonexistent.

Creating, developing, and maintaining a website can be hassle and time consuming. Regardless of experience and talent, issues can arise and it can be frustrating.

Our team of experienced developers and hosting specialists can assist you and/or your development team with rectifying the issue and getting your site back up and running.


There are limitless bad actors and threats throughout the realm of the internet attempting to prey upon individuals and businesses on a regular basis. Outside of targeting computers and mobile devices, there is a persistent effort to target websites and hosting environments.

  • CloudFlare: Our hosting environment mitigates the threat of DDoS attacks with the latest CloudFlare platform to help reduce website ‘take downs’ and ‘flooding’.
  • GeoBlock: If foreign actors are regularly targeting your websites, we can implement the most simple counter-punch – GeoBlocking. By preventing traffic from various regions or countries, in addition to adaptive analysis to prevent circumvention via VPN, we can significantly reduce or entirely eliminate the ability for them to even reach your site.
  • WordFence: WordPress possesses many vulnerabilities and weaknesses. For a vast majority of WordPress installations on our hosting platform, we utilize WordFence to regularly scan for threats and irregularities within your files and content, prevent unauthorized access to the administration side of your website, and regularly notify us of any issues that are recognized.
  • Alerts: In order to maintain a healthy hosting environment, we regularly monitor and analyze the state of our infrastructure. Alerts and notifications alongside with health reports are regularly sent to our team to ensure everything is running smoothly and your sites aren’t impacted.




Windows 10 Security Risk

Recently, the NSA identified a major security flaw for the Windows 10 Operating System. Microsoft has released an urgent patch to secure the flaw and resolve the issue.

We highly advise all Windows 10 users to install the latest patch in order to keep your machine  secure.

Follow the link below for more information.

Microsoft Security Update