Network & Infrastructure

Whether you’re moving to a new location or looking to consolidate the setup in your current home or business, our Team has the knowledge & expertise to provide you with the best network environment to fulfill all of your needs. Ranging from businesses with multi-building properties requiring network lines to dozens of workstations, network switches, VOIP phones, and other connected device to residential smart homes filled with smart TV’s, thermostats, and all of your wireless gadgets, we can provide the best-fit network solutions and coverage to whichever environment you desire.


Cable Installation & Consolidation

A reliable and organized installation is the backbone of every home or business network. Out of date network cabling, sloppy or messy installations, poor hardware and unmarked or unlabeled wall jacks are a nightmare to manage when something fails or a network jack simply doesn’t want to connect. Our Team can replace, trace, or completely install everything your network needs to ensure maximum performance and reliability.

We provide and install all of the necessary cable racks and cabinets, solid copper and shielded (if necessary) cable for maximum performance, and even outdoor, weather-resistant cable if your environment requires it. Whether it be your network connected home or office space and building, we’re ready to tackle your needs with all of the necessary hardware and expertise.


Router/Switch Installation & Management

Regardless of how many network runs and wall jacks you have, your network cabling is only as reliable as the hardware you’re using. We can provide multi-gigabit switches, routers, and even POE capable equipment for installations requiring VOIP capability. Whether it be eight network runs or eighty, we install the equipment you need to bring life to every networking device in your environment.

Should your equipment need troubleshooting or management based upon specific requirements, our in-house CISCO specialists can configure your new hardware to your specifications or recommend the best solutions based upon your needs. Additionally, we can provide remote management and monitoring to ensure the longevity and health of your infrastructure in the foreseeable future.


Wireless Network Installation & Management

If your current wireless network is unreliable or you want complete coverage and connectivity throughout your entire home or business, our Team has the experience and solutions for all of your wireless networking needs. Our wireless access points & management devices of choice are Ubiquiti Networks. Providing easy to manage dashboards, industry leading mesh capabilities, and regular and persistent device firmware updates, Ubiquiti has become a leader in the networking industry for both business and residential environments.

Backed by a hassle free one year warranty and their signature design, Ubiquiti’s UniFi access points provide high volume capabilities in conjunction with reliability. Additionally, their weather resistant outdoor options have proven capable and durable based upon our experience within various installations. With leading performance in network reach and seamless hand-off from one access point to another, Ubiquiti has been a solid solution for environments of all sizes and needs.

When it comes to protecting and monitoring your network, UniFi’s Controller dashboard provides complete management and control over your wireless access points, connected devices, available firmware and software updates, and security settings to ensure your network is both secure as well as healthy. New access points can be easily deployed, connected wifi devices are monitored and easily removed or blocked, and overall management is simple and hassle-free.

If you need the capability of remote access and monitoring of your wireless network or have multiple residential or business locations, Ubiquiti’s UniFi is our personal favorite on the market. We can provide, install, and configure all the hardware you need as well as train you and your Team or Family with all of the essentials on using the controller software. Additionally, we provide the setup of iOS/Android and browser based applications to give you complete control over your network(s) from anywhere on any device.

Click the image below to demo the UniFi UI and see for yourself.