Co-location Services

colocation service data centerCo-locate your servers, appliances, or voice equipment in our state-of-the-art data center. Beacon can offer you a safe, secure, and well connected space for you to manage your own equipment, or choose from our virtual co-location packages where we handle all of the management for you.

We have space available in West Chester, PA connected via a high-speed redundant fiber ring to the rest of the world. Co-location in the West Chester facility starts at just $100/month, depending on equipment size and bandwidth requirements.

We also have space available in the carrier hotel at 401 N Broad St in Philadelphia. If your business needs to be in this location in order to access specific vendors or services, please contact us for pricing.


More Options, Greater Flexibility

Sure, you could do it all yourself but don’t you and your team have enough to do?
Our comprehensive custom hosting solutions are designed to support all enterprise IT applications.

Let our engineers consult with you to design the optimal hosting solution to meet your business needs. We’ve designed our service offering with “a la carte” options that can supplement your IT resources or fully assume the full management of your IT infrastructure. So, don’t do it all yourself—-delegate your hosting workload to Beacon.



  • Install and configure your initial operating system and web/database server software
  • Apply standard patches
  • Maintain all of your hardware and operating systems
  • Consult with you and approve your hosting specifications including hardware recommendations, pre-negotiated hardware discounts, equipment ordering, and coordination of leasing arrangements
  • Offer several levels of monitoring and management from basic port monitoring to a more comprehensive level that includes the following:
    • Alert you to impending disk space shortages and other disk issues in time to avert application failures
    • Check all critical services and optionally restart those that fail
    • Check remote computers and important URL addresses to verify network and Internet availability
    • Monitor applications for process failures, excessive resource usage and other problems
    • Identify event log messages of interest and notify you proactively
    • Detect pagefile shortages and recover space if necessary
    • Investigate bottlenecks in CPU, disk I/O and memory and provide recommendations for improving performance
    • Perform regular file and directory checks to recover wasted disk space
    • Provide application management expertise
    • Deliver monthly web traffic (WebTrends Live) and Systems Performance Reporting