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Microsoft & NSA Confirm Killer Windows 10 Security Flaw, Patch Released

As expected, Microsoft did reveal a fundamental flaw in Windows that affected Windows 10’s cryptographic library. January’s Patch Tuesday updates issued Tuesday, however, fix the issue, which is specific to Windows 10 and Windows Server.

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How Microsoft’s Windows 10 Privacy Update Could Impact You

  Windows Insider Program participants will now be able to view and manage their Microsoft accounts via a newly released, diagnostics-based privacy dashboard. Dubbed “The Windows Diagnostic Data Viewer,” the new dashboard (which is still in beta) gives Microsoft Windows 10 users the ability to see, search, and make changes to diagnostic data associated with their accounts. For...

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ESET wins two Cyber Defense Magazine InfoSec Awards at RSA 2018

April 16, 2018 As RSA 2018 kicks off in San Francisco, Cyber Defense Magazine announced today that IT security leader ESET is taking home two of their annual InfoSec Awards. ESET was the sole winner in the InfoSec Research category, and one of the winners in the Best Endpoint Security category. In its 30 years of business, ESET has excelled in both technology innovation and malware research, and...

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Researchers Uncover Polymorphic AutoRun Worm

W32/Autorun.worm.aaeb-h is an evolved, virtual machine-aware AutoRun worm that makes use of obfuscation and polymorphic techniques in order to evade detection and infect removable media and mounted network shares, according to McAfee. Researchers have seen an increase in samples for the year-old malware family, which is compiled in Visual Basic 6. This family of malware generally compromises...

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Joomla Sites Hit by IFrame Injection Attacks

Users of the popular Joomla content management system are being urged by security experts to upgrade to the latest version after reports of exploits being used to compromise websites built on the platform. The SANS Internet Storm Center received numerous reports that Joomla sites, as well as WordPress sites, had been compromised and iFrames had been injected that were pointing visitors to...

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New Linux Rootkit Emerges

A new Linux rootkit has emerged and researchers who have analyzed its code and operation say that the malware appears to be a custom-written tool designed to inject iframes into Web sites and drive traffic to malicious sites for drive-by download attacks. The rootkit is designed specifically for 64-bit Linux systems, and while it has some interesting features, it does not appear to be the work...

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