Online (Cloud) Backup

Backup is one of the oldest needs in computing. Whether it’s hard disk failure, computer theft, or just a wandering three year-old with a fruit juice carton, it’s very easy to lose data on a computer.  There’s a debate about the best kind of backup, but storing your data offsite and online is a good option.  Although at one time offsite backup was niche and often expensive, the cloud has brought about a revolution in inexpensive storage, making backing up online inexpensive and fuss-free.

Beacon Technologies strives to provide you with the best online backup solution but at a reasonable price.  However, price isn’t everything and with your data it very well shouldn’t be.  A good online backup solution must account for every detail of the backup/restore process.  You need to be able to both retrieve files as need and have a solution for a total loss of local data.  We at Beacon have done the due diligence and created the right backup solution for you and your environment.  Our solution is a perfect fit for both the home user and the business customer.  In a large environment we can even provide you various solutions for a local data set and a cloud data set.

Windows 10 Security Risk

Recently, the NSA identified a major security flaw for the Windows 10 Operating System. Microsoft has released an urgent patch to secure the flaw and resolve the issue.

We highly advise all Windows 10 users to install the latest patch in order to keep your machine  secure.

Follow the link below for more information.

Microsoft Security Update