Internet Services

At Beacon Technologies, making our clients happy is our first priority. With no busy signals and our state-of-the-art equipment, you can surf the net, access your e-mail, and much more with ease. We offer Internet access support to you around the clock. Call us whenever you need a helping hand.



Here are a few of our strong points:

  • Fast, Friendly, and Local tech support
  • We are right here in Chester County in a real office with local people as employees
  • We screen e-mail sites that send annoying advertisements, including adult entertainment. We fight SPAM so our clients receive fewer un-solicited e-mails
  • Up to 5 free email accounts included with our dial-up and high speed internet access
  • We offer dial-up, high speed internet for both home and business, and T1 and T3 connections
  • We do not sell your name to advertisers or make you click off annoying advertising windows when you start your browser

Please be sure to read our Acceptable Use Policy and User Agreement.

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Windows 10 Security Risk

Recently, the NSA identified a major security flaw for the Windows 10 Operating System. Microsoft has released an urgent patch to secure the flaw and resolve the issue.

We highly advise all Windows 10 users to install the latest patch in order to keep your machine  secure.

Follow the link below for more information.

Microsoft Security Update