An easy, profitable, and complete server automation solution that will help your business grow.

Parallels Plesk Panel 10 is an easy -to-use, complete server control panel that will help you maximize your profitability. The panel saves time creating websites, managing e-mail addresses, deploying applications to a server and its intuitive user interface means less work for your support staff. Optional bundles add fully integrated business management and website design tools.

Parallels Plesk Panel Features


It’s easy

  • Quick and easy website creation and management
  • Add customers
  • Add and manage e-mail accounts
  • Built-in file manager—no FTP required
  • Easy installation of SSL certificates
  • Point-and-click access to hundreds of applications—blogs, content management systems, shopping carts and more

It’s complete

  • Full multi-language support for worldwide deployment
  • Free bundles for customer and business management, plus SiteBuilder for designing websites
  • Power Panel for VPS management
  • Ability to track traffic and monitor website statistics

Get More with Parallels Plesk Panel

Application Storefront

Using the Parallels Plesk Panel application storefront, end users can directly download and install a wide range of open-source and commercial applications.

Fully AutomatedWith more than 100 new enhancements, the panel is easier than ever to manage, with features like key auto-update, component auto-update, migration manager and quick web-based installation.

Available as a Full Suite at No Additional Charge

The Parallels Hosting Suite is the most complete solution available for shared hosting service providers—and it’s free when you purchase a Parallels Plesk Panel Unlimited license. The suite combines Parallels Plesk Panel, Customer and Business Manager, and SiteBuilder into one complete, fully integrated product, enabling you to offer a shared hosting plan that meets your customer’s needs now and in the future. With the Parallels Hosting Suite, you’ll perform tasks more quickly than ever before—and gain more satisfied customers.

Get More with Plesk Panel 10

Feature Parallels Plesk Panel 10 Parallels Small Business Panel 10 Parallels Plesk Panel 9 cPanel
Built to enable web hosting Yes No Yes Yes
Has integrated billing system Yes No Yes No
Billing system is free in bundle Yes No Yes No
Has integrated SiteBuilder Yes Yes Yes No
SiteBuilder is free in bundle Yes Yes Yes No
Sell antivirus/antispam with panel Yes Yes Yes No
Single-click app installation 200+ 200+ 200+ >50
Application store for paid licenses Yes Yes No No
Upgrade applications from panel Yes No No No
Role based access for end users Yes Yes No No
Non-hosting mode for end users Yes Yes No No
Highest density of panels on VPS Yes No No No
Supports Centos, Redhat Yes Yes Yes Yes
Supports Windows Yes Yes Yes No
Supports Ubuntu, Debian, CloudLinux Yes Yes Yes No


New Capabilities


Save Time and Reduce Costs

  • Separate end-user experienceSimplified end-user experience reduces churn and support calls and increases customer satisfaction.
  • Fully integrated business management. Bundled customer and business management capabilities—now with support for many more countries—fully automate your web hosting business.
    Make More Money.
  • New services. Charge your customers for access to cool content management tools, including the bundled SiteBuilder and mobile website templates.
  • New partner storefront. Gain a new revenue stream by letting end users use the panel to buy commercial software licenses.

Launch and Share Web Resources

  • Multi-domain websites. Host several domains inside a single subscription and set of resources.
  • Power user mode. Turn off the hosting administration panel and move all server resources into the end-user panel for easier server administration.
  • Role-based access. Allow end users to have multiple logins that are resource-limited based on assigned privileges.

For Web Designers

Best Fit for Web Designers
  • Multi-domain websites can be offered in a single service plan
  • Option for a non-hosting interface
Easy to Add Apps to Web Sites
  • Single-click access to >200 apps
  • Google Tools access for webmasters
Time Savings
  • Clients self-manage e-mail, employee access
  • Assign privileges to clients

For IT Professionals

Easy to Launch a Web Site
  • Simple wizards make adding website resources easy
  • SiteBuilder simplifies adding content
  • Non-hosting interface option
Easy to Add Functionality
  • Single-click access to >200 apps
  • Employees can manage applications
Easy to Share with Others
  • Use privileges to limit employee access
  • Let employees manage own e-mail
  • Use a simplified, user-friendly interface